Our Dogs


The first Braque we owned:  He started it all.

The Standard

d’Artagnan de la Maison des Bleus, d’Art, (or just DART) was whelped in March 2008 in the USA. He is very energetic in the field, has an excellent nose, and never quits. He has graduated from multi-levels of obedience training, before field training with birds.  Having had six great seasons, he is the leader of the pack. Having attended a professional field training school, and has developed into a mature hunter.  His hips are certified:  HD-B hips approved by Dr Drape (French vet who is expert on Braques.).  He is an avid pointer, and loves to go out and find pheasants.

Update August, 2019:  Unfortunately Dart passed several months ago.                              



Daphne du Ruisseau de Montbrun (deceased, accident, 2013) Daphne was whelped in November 2008 near Toulouse in southern France. She arrived to Chenil d’Allegheny in the middle of the snowy winter of 2009. She had extensive obedience training along with her certification for “good citizen” training.  Unfortunately, she had an accident in 2013, and has passed. We lost a good hunter to a freak accident.                                                                



Estelle de la Maison des Bleus (deceased 2013) Elle had matured into an excellent Braque. Whelped in June 2009 in the USA, she has had very successful “hunts”, and was learning from d’Art.  Her nose had allowed her to find many grouse and pheasant.  Her point was very steady and consistent. She has also learned backing, as she frequently hunted with her brother, d’Art. Her hips were certified “A” by Dr. Drape in France.  She had also attended professional field training school.  Unfortunately, she passed from unforeseen circumstances.                                                       



FRANCOISE: In the snow.

FRANCOISE: In the snow.

HIKING WITH 4          







Frenche in the front





Frenche in Gun Dog


Francoise (Frenche) picture

in article in Gun Dog Magazine





Francoise du Ruisseau de Montbrun Frenche was whelped in November 2010, also in southern France.  Francoise shows natural hunting interest in the field, and is naturally “birdie”.  The 2011 pheasant hunting season was her first exposure to field hunting.  She was found to have “A” hips as certified by Dr. Drape (French vet who is expert on Braques.).  Showing a lighter color of roaning, she has the most energy of all our Braques.  She is the most accomplished swimmer of the bunch, and loves to go after ducks.  She was recently featured in the June/July issue of Gun Dog Magazine.

Update August 2016:  She has retired from breeding after two great, successful litters.

Update July 14, 2018: Frenche still points birds, and has a lot of energy.



Gretska 2017

                      daphne 1  












Greta Mon Tresor d’Amour  “Gretska” was whelped on July 2011, in Poland.  She is strong, has excellent markings, exceeding the Braque standard.  Her hips are certified as HD-A.  Most Braques have their tail docked, but Gretska’s is not because of her Polish heritage.  She has a very likable personality, and had her first litter in 2017.   She has light brown eyes, a unique characteristic.


September, 2017:  Since she has “A” hips, most striking Braque markings, and a gentle temperament, she was bred to Lucky.  A small litter of only two pups was born July 14, 2017.

June 22, 2018:  She was bred to Lucky today, and hopefully pups arrive in August, 2018.

Pups all sold.



                                                    Ingrid “Belle” 

                                        Belle 2017

   Belle pointing in water 

Khyannes Illios   Hungarian name                    Ingrid “Belle”     USA name 

Belle is one of the two Charbonne twins from Hungary.  She was awarded a prize  at a NAVHDA Natural Ability evaluation. She has become a good hunter, retrieving birds well, especially water retrieves.  She has excellent natural hunting skills, and has matured well.

Update August, 2015:    Belle has been working in the yard and field, preparing for the fall, 2016 pheasant season.  She has matured from last year, getting more “birdie”.   She has become our go to dog, since Dart has gotten older.

Update September, 2017:  This should be her year for hunting as she has matured.  In the late summer, she was out in the field training, finding chukars.  As fall approaches she will be ready for hunting season.

Update July, 2018: She had a hunting season last year, and will be back in the field this fall. 


                                    Indigo “Bleu”


     Khyannes Illange    Hungarian name                Indigo “Bleu”       USA name

Bleu is the other Hungarian twin.  She is also Charbonne, and is the most gentle dog we have.   With beautiful Charbonne markings, she is the most striking of our dogs.  She is quite the playful pup, and loves the woods.  She has become the matriarch of the “family” of Braques.










 July 2016 Gun Dog




Lucky du Chenil d’Allegheny

Lucky was whelped May 3, 2015.  The offspring of d’Artagnan and Francoise (see above). He has been exposed to birds, learned to swim, and had basic obedience training.  Still a puppy, he is most curious.  He will enter his second season in 2017.  He is now becoming seasoned in the field.  He has been training with chuckers in the late summer / early fall, 2017.

He was featured on the cover of the  June/July 2016 issue of Gun Dog Magazine.

Update August, 2016:   He has now been working hard on the barrel, whoa board, and in the yard, preparing for the 2016 fall pheasant season.  Having just turned one year old in May, 2016, he has abundant energy, and finds birds easily.  He is now finding practice pigeons in the woods.  Should be a great fall pheasant season with him.

Update September, 2017:  This will be his first full season hunting.  Training in 2017, has helped, and he can find birds easily.  He is ready for his first full pheasant season.

Update July, 2018:  He was bred to Greta (Gretska) last year, and had two beautiful muscular pups with her.   He is ready for the fall season.

He will be out in the field in the fall of 2019.


                    “Marta” Marta Mellifluous on point 2017                                                                                                                                                                                             Mellifluous Camille of Hillgarth

Our newest edition is Mellifluous, aka Marta.  She comes from England, by way of Connecticut.  Very much a puppy, she has been on a check cord training.  She is seen pointing a chukar in the photo.  She has been through obedience training, and exposed to water.  Whelped august 12, 2016, she has enormous energy.  Her long tail is distinctive, as she hails from Britain.  Once her hips are certified, we would like to breed her, and have some Charbonne pups in 2019.

Update July 2018: Her hip films has qualified her for breeding. She has completed her second level of obedience training. She has been pointing birds, and will be ready for the field this fall.

She was bred to Lucky, and had 11 pups on August 30, 2019.  She’s a great mother, taking care of the pups. SEE “P” LITTER.