Other Photos

All the dogs 2017


Obedience training inside with the pack

August 2017





three charbonne dogs at spillway 2017



Three Charbonne Braques

at the water


all dogs in yard 2017_LI


Back yard, St Marys

The latest pack, fall 2017


NED and NORA in pool without water


In the water at 6 weeks

Ned and Notre Remy 2017






Lucky at photo shoot for Gun Dog Magazine





David with d'Art after good day


Kennel 1


A good day for Dart







In the kennel







Christmas 2011            The Pack


GRETSKA checking out

the Blackeyed Susans

as a pup.


Grace, Gretska’s sister in Iowa with her first bird.





Halloween with the BIG DOG and CRUELLA

Halloween with the BIG DOG and CRUELLA

Five pups on deck at HVBlue on point near waterBleu

Greta: The new pup.

Greta: The new pup.

David with black pupsDart & Daphne Swimming