David with d'Art after good day

Braques are great hunters.

They stay close in the field, if trained this way, but can range if allowed to do so.

Our dogs “check back” frequently with us, and generally want to know where we are.  After several minutes of hunting, if not on a scent,  they look for the master, find him/her, and then go back to finding a bird.

When these dogs become your companion they will perform well.  They respond to positive reinforcement.

When they are trained correctly, this breed will bond with you, and the two of you become a team.

            DART HAD A GOOD DAY


We start all of our dogs with basic AKC puppy training, advance to AKC adult training, then complete n AKC good citizen class.  The are introduced to water and birds early, then begin more intensive field training, with live birds.

All of our dogs swim very well.

They are good swimmers to retrieve a downed pheasant or other upland bird.

We do not hunt waterfowl.  Other websites state they are great for waterfowl.


BELLE retrieving her first pheasant