Breed Standard

The  “white” Braque Standard (black on white)


Breed:  Braque d’Auvergne

Alternative names:

Auvergne Pointer, Bleu d’ Auvergne, or French Pointer

Height (at withers):

male:  22-25.5 inches (57-63 cm)

female:  21-23 inches (53-59 cm)


Belle pointing in water

“Charbonne” Braque Standard

(white on black)





Coat:  Short and glossy, with a white base and black ticking (roaning).  Always black and white. Common markings: large black spot(s) on the body.  Their black coloring is very black, almost Bleu (as the French say).  The black portions when viewed in the sun have a velvet blue hue.  The very dark ones have a silvery hue if heavily roaned.  The two variations on the dog’s ticking pattern are light or heavy. Very darkly roaned are called “Charbonne”.  Many of the Charbonne Braques came from Hungary.  These rare Charbonne Braques must have the same facial pattern as the light variety.  Any brown coloring in the dog is a major fault.